What We Do


Everything we do is based on a deep understanding of your audience. We work with you to understand your current process and uncover the opportunities in your market.


It’s rare that we need to “re-invent the wheel”. Instead we customize existing solutions developed over our 13 years in business to define your online audience and create a path to reaching them.


Our solutions are only as good as the results they achieve. We provide clients a record of the development process, and ensure our solutions have extensive reporting as standard.

Follow Up

We provide on-going supports for all our solutions, as well as the ability to communicate or brainstorm about their usage or expansion in future. Your first solution might just be the start.

Working With Amazon.com

$36,000,000 In Undiscovered Revenue

Working with Amazon.com

Product Data Mining

Working with with over 860,000 Amazon products, we employed a combination of data mining, creative use of the Google search API and intelligent filtering to identify 13.4 million un-targeted keywords.

Connecting The Dots

We built a custom platform to connect with the Amazon Product API to match un-targeted keywords with the most likely corresponding product on Amazon.com

Reaching 26 Million Users

Customized pages were created, keyword-targeted and mass published across all major search platforms. The result – 26 million users connected with exactly what they were looking for.

Our Facebook Adventure

Achieving Content Reach Of 2.4 Billion

Our Facebook Adventure

Customized Audiences

While many others were indulging in clickbait and spamming, we were creating customized micro-audiences in niches, and establishing enduring channels to reach them outside Facebook.

Mass Personalized Publishing

“Mass” and “Personalized” are often held up as opposites, but we were able to reach up to 10 million users per day, with content that was crafted to the individual interests of each user.

Creating Controlled Value

Rather than making some quick cash, we continue to build highly-targeted audiences on Facebook that can be migrated into other sales and marketing channels that our clients have full control over.

And A Few Others...

Let's Talk

If you’re curious to see what we could create for you, just drop us a message. Tell us about your business, what problems you have, what your competitors are doing or anything else you like. We’ll take it from there.

You never know – we might be able to do something you never thought possible.